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The Curbside Delivery Service is Broken.

This service is supposed to save you time and hassle, because you pay for it- because it certainly doesn't save you money. Their "Faster" pick up service requires you to text OMW when you head towards the store.

I assume this is so they can stage your order, taking it from where it was being stored to be ready to run out to the car. Then you must text "Here" when you arrive, so they know to bring it out. This same system works perfectly for Target, but S&;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;amp;;amp;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;S can't seem to nail it down. The text directions after the "Here" text also tell you to follow the directions on the signs at the pickup area.

The sign at the pickup area tells you to call the store, dial "0" and tell them you are here- Which is what you would do anyway if you didn't select the "Faster" pick up option online in the first place! I have, on average, had to wait 10 minutes from the call step, to get the food I ordered in my car. The fastest is about 5 minutes and the longest was 25 minutes. To go in and shop for the same items would take me 20-30 minutes, depending on the lines, but this step IS the service part.

To compare with Target again, the second text for them starts a timer, which the store gets graded on (I have inside sources).

If it runs over two minutes, they fail (in they eyes of corporate). I would gladly wait three or four minutes for a S&S order, compared to what I have waited in the past.

They only have a window of aw hours to select from each day for your pick-up, so I assume they have a designated person to take orders out to cars. One time my call happened 45 minutes into my pickup hour, and the worker told me she had just got there and my order wasn't even shopped yet.

Accuracy is the other big factor. There is a substitution system in place which works.

They will substitute one product for a similar one when they are out of what youordered and charge you the lesser price. Not knowing what brand you are getting each time is mildly annoying. I don't care about brands myself, but there are picky eaters in my household I have to live with when this kind of "disaster" hits. The number of items when ordering multiples has to be audited every time, because you often get only one of the multiples you ordered.

The service is great when it works properly.

Despite this cathodic exorcize, I would recommend you try it. Please be careful, audit what you get, and you MUST complain to management when it is not perfect. They can't fix a problem if they don't know about it, and it will regularly result in a gift-card worth more than the cost of the service or damaged food (Which I didn't even get into here).

I rarely see more than one other car waiting for their order, and I'm frequently the only one.

We need more people to use the service, and more people complaining until they get it right. And if you get a little money off the food you were going to buy anyway- so be it.

User's recommendation: T.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Stop And Shop Pros: Close fair selection of brand and off brand items.

Stop And Shop Cons: Some items in store are not offered for online ordering, Some items online are never in stock, Store to car or curbside service is very bad.

Location: Worcester, MA 01605

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